The Party’s Over…
January 28, 2013
The Party’s Over…

There are probably few things in life as anticlimactic as the feeling a party giver gets when the event is over, and the feeling strikes–it’s time to clean up.

It probably wouldn’t be so bad if all that had to be done was to gather up everything left over and pile it somewhere. Unfortunately, even if everything you have used is paper and plastic, there’s still considerable work to do. Further, if you’ve used anything that is more than disposable in nature, you have a lot to do.

The good news is that there are practical solutions to approaching the clean-up of messes just like this. If the party giver doesn’t have a custodial service to handle the mess, having all of the supplies used by one is the next best thing.

If the party approached any size at all there is probably a lot of paper and plastic left over. The easiest way to deal with this is with garbage bags. Fill them up; toss them out on the next trash day. Mission accomplished.

Now the cleaning. If someone got sloppy on the floor, there will probably be a need for both the cleaners and the soap supplies to get both the carpeted and bare floors back in shape. And adding a bit of polish while at it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to give all of the furniture the once-over since chances are good that there isn’t a single piece that isn’t carrying the smudges of every party attendee. More paper towels needed here too.

And what about the kitchen? Tile and surface cleaners are always going to be needed, not to mention the scrubbers that will be needed to do the work. Make sure to double-up on these little items so you have plenty to hit the surfaces in the bathrooms as well.

There probably isn’t a window or mirror in the house that hasn’t been touched more times than one would care to think of, so make sure to get the window cleaners and plenty of paper or cloth towels to get everything sparkling clean.