Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Cleaning

Deluca Cleaning specialists have the deep expertise to customize a janitorial program for many clients across a variety of industries and scales. Some of our featured areas of expertise are described below—contact us today to find out how we can service your facility.

Deluca Cleaning
Corporate Offices & Buildings

Keep your property attractive, clean and functioning seamlessly so you can focus on what really matters: your business. From parking lot to rooftop and everything in between, we will tailor a program to your needs using proven practices can leave your facility neat, healthy, sanitary and manicured.

Deluca Cleaning
Doctor’s Offices, Patient Rooms

Facilities maintenance in patient-facing environments goes beyond the need for infection prevention and strikes at the heart of the patient experience, ultimately impacting satisfaction ratings and even reimbursements.

Deluca Cleaning
Hospital & Laboratory

Certified to clean laboratory environments up to Class 5, we specialize in healthcare cleaning and the handling/disposal of bloodborne pathogens and medical waste. Our experienced staff trained on the nuances of working in clinical settings will ensure that all areas remain safe and sterile with leading-edge infection prevention processes.

Deluca Cleaning

Nowhere is the need for a welcoming, manicured and smooth-running facility more pronounced than in the hospitality space. With the expertise and manpower needed to scale consistently to handle your operation, Deluca Cleaning can provide consistent, customized results to hotels, golf courses, country clubs and resorts. Ask us about tailoring a facilities services program to meet your needs.

Deluca Cleaning

Let your merchandise shine by projecting the right image in your retail space. Efficient, eliable facilities services keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes so you can present a consistently pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

Deluca Cleaning
Schools & Universities

With high bills, pressured budgets and the need for ongoing building and grounds upkeep, educational environments present unique challenges. Keeping schools and campuses clean and well-maintained are essential to support the comfort, health, safety and productivity of your students and staff.

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